Supervision - a service for support of the project at the stage of finishing work to complete the implementation of the design project. This stage involves the departure of the designer to the site , consultation and supervision on the implementation of the design project , entering into it if necessary adjustments. Supervision of the implementation of construction works will prevent deviation from our plans , will identify and correct any errors in conducting work. As the author of the design project - developed concept , style solutions , worked parts , design and colors , only the designer can change or modify the project without disturbing the harmonious connection of all its elements . Supervision includes:
1. Site visit once a week;
2. Adding to the working drawings adjustments arising after the dismantling of the old and construction of new walls, floors, after leveling, walls and ceilings;
3. Correction nodes and intersections system tracks;
4. Monitoring and implementation consulting, installation and finishing works;
5. The final selection of furniture and decoration materials;
6. Placing orders for the selected materials (if necessary);
7. Final agreement on the details with the performers and producers, coordination of samples of finishing materials and solutions for possible adaptations of artist or manufacturer.
This type of work can be varied depending on the characteristics and the complexity of the object . Through the author's supervision , you can be fully confident that in fact it will create the interior design , which was approved during the negotiation phase of the project.