Landscape design – a special art , an original painting on canvas of nature. It allows you to transform a piece of land in front of a country house or office in a wonderful fairy-tale garden, which surely will delight you for years to come . But since the existence of magic science is not proven :) ) then create a fairy tale garden have to work hard . Only the real pros can revitalize conventional lawns and playground in front of the buildings , giving a little bit of magic to your garden .

The garden can give a sense of calm , a sense of movement and a sense of balance , can improve mood or envelop consolation . If you want to create a unique landscape , we have you get answers to the questions , how to do it . Creative ideas, opinions and recommendations of our experts on how to avoid mistakes , can help you create the only garden that fits your unique taste and reveals all of your senses .

Our studio DASH DESIGN provides services for the development of landscape design , its design and the full realization of a decorative garden design . We are recognized among our customers due to our unique creativity and the highest level of service . We provide quality services in all areas of landscape design , while ensuring the timeliness , attention to detail and creativity.

We will help you to realize your dreams and wishes , wisely combining beautiful and useful in landscape project. In addition , our experienced landscape designer will be able to tell you what is best for you and your garden will help to make the best decision to develop a style that will be most harmonious and convenient for you. The knowledge and experience will help to accentuate the advantages of your garden and surrounding landscape , as well as hide the flaws , or even turn them into advantages. We will provide professional assistance in the zoning area , we help you create the garden of your favorite plants and flowers , balance the open spaces , planting , buildings and small architectural forms , thoughtful route garden paths and paving, and with all the elements of the landscape are unique and inimitable . We will explain in detail all the stages of the implementation of landscape planning to work with us was easy and pleasant.

Our goal: to each project – a harmonious combination in the same composition home architecture, garden and surrounding nature . This alliance not only allows you to send a unique color scheme , but also deep emotional perezhivniya , feelings and emotions .