Creating a design project - a laborious process that requires a skilled approach , knowledge and skills. With years of experience , our DASH DESIGN studio is ready to offer a full range of services to create a unique and individual interior : from the development of a unique project , prior to its implementation.

Interior design requires precision engineering and craftsmanship . After all, at this stage, the development of a set of required documents and the creation of 3D- interior.

At the first meeting , it turns out your wishes and preferences , measurements of the room are performed . The next step is the elaboration of draft offer of a design project that includes planning solution and concept of the future interior style. After approval of preliminary version - proceed to the elaboration of detailed 3D visualization of the interior and its final approval.

Then, the entire set of drawings necessary for construction , repair and finishing komplektatsionnyh and work on the project (engineering systems, communications, etc.) For performers . It is under supervision to the full realization of the developed design project.

The design project includes:

1. Measurements of plan with binding utilities .
2. Planning solution.
3. Conceptual solution of interiors .
4. Redevelopment plan .
5. Plan for the demolition work .
6. Layout of furniture ( 1-2 + version )
7. Floor plan .
8. Ceiling Plan
9. Driving lighting devices , sockets , switches with bindings broken down into groups.
10. Layout of sanitary ware with bindings.
11. The cuts on difficult ceilings.
12. Scheme of door and window openings.
13. Binding visible elements of air conditioning and ventilation.
14. Statement of finishing of all rooms.
15. Sweep the walls of all rooms and the detailed sections of difficult areas.
16. Specification of furniture with dimensions.
17. Schematic drawings of custom-made furniture.
18. Schematic drawings barstoek other counters based tehnologich.oborudovaniya.
19. Electrical Specification.
20. Specification fixtures, taking into account the comfort of illumination for each room.
21. 3D-visualization of the interior (2-3 species in each room).
22. Selection of furniture and decoration materials.