Parts and accessories are often "play first fiddle" in the perception of the interior. Decorating - is filling the space appropriate style, atmosphere, space objects and purpose trifles, capable of give the interior completeness, wholeness and harmony.

Decorating - this is the last, but they are not less important finishing touches in the interior design. Upon approval and completion of all repairs and decorating it is time to breathe new life into our interior. Decoration - a selection of various items to decorate the room, aimed to strengthen the selected stylistic direction, add comfort, build a sense of lived-in interiors.

This range of services for the selection of decorative elements, various accessories, up to art and antiquities .It is important to respect the principle of sufficiency and harmonious combination of all elements . Besides aesthetics room decor also has a semantic functionality. It is because the decor is achieved lasting feeling seasoned in every sense of the interior, when once it becomes clear that there worked a true master of his craft - a professional interior designer. In addition, the decor helps us to correct any deficiencies in the room, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses veiled. You do not always remember the texture of the walls or tile pattern, but successful and bright decorations sure to be remembered. It is at the stage of decoration matched photographs, paintings, reproductions, sculptures, vases and other accessories.