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Our company "DASH Design" on the market for over 15 years and has extensive practical experience in the creation and implementation of design - residential and public facilities projects. We are the authors of the interiors of many successful restaurants, clubs , hotels , shops, offices , as well as country houses and private apartments.

A good design always has an idea, and this idea can be seen in every detail. In the sense of connection and not a random decision. In the sustained balance between effects and resources, saving on unnecessary expenses. Such a design is possible at any time is not complicated changes, allowing you to change focus and develop a renewed vision of design over time.

Our main goal in the design: beauty should be delicately subordinated to the functionality and embodied in the project using the optimal resources.

We offer our customers services to create design projects of interior and landscape design. These two areas have their individual specificity of the Incarnation, but at the same time in harmony with each other, creating a single artistic composition of the surrounding space.

We have a lot of successful projects, including also the joint­­ projects with one of the leaders of Ukrainian restaurant business "Kozyrnaja karta". In our portfolio: "Best New Restaurant of the Year", three times nomination for "Best Architect-Designer of the Year at the team of topprofessionals"

We offer you our unique knowledge, our talent feel the depth of the design, our guarantee certainty in the application of non-standard solutions, our solid professional experience in design implementation.


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