These interiors are always in sight , and a lot of people : visitors , clients, customers , find themselves in them , every day check their consistency and convenience , making up their own idea of ​​you as a company. After all, through the interior design, you can show what you really express it dynamism and determination , respectability and solidity , reliability , respect for tradition , etc. And it will be only one opinion is needed in order to feel and understand it.

One of the most important components of successful public project – a visual representation of the concept. For this reason, the interior design of cafe, restaurant, bar, shop or office should be carefully designed at the design stage, and then precisely implemented. This meticulous work of professionals, and our company is able to hold it for you at the highest level. We have extensive experience creating and implementing interior design projects obschestvnnyh. The success of our creativity is confirmed by the high ratings we have created restaurants, clubs and other public institutions in the number of visitors.

The interior should be functional , technological, aesthetic.The interior design of apartments and houses is very important special approach , combining creativity, resourcefulness, ability to look at the interior a fresh look and some earthiness , sobriety . It guarantees the selection of the most suitable for a normal life decisions that will make the “object” in the ” Home” – cozy, warm , in which you want to return , who are proud and appreciate more than anything else .

In today’s world, the creation of the interior of an apartment or house, proper investment in money he requires careful preparation and planning. Starting with the correct selection and skillful blend of style, furniture, lighting, accessories and finishing materials, and that’s all you have to combine in one interior. Not to mention another of the technological innovations, architectural proportions, engineering, which is not always an easy task even for a professional. Complicating the decision of a huge product range of options available on the market. And often the fact, to understand which materials are suitable for you, we have to spend a lot of time.

Designers of our studio DASH DESIGN will help to create an interior with a reflection of your attitude, elaborate design project and successfully put it into practice , osuschestvleya competent and professional author for your project supervision. And not least – to save money, time and nerves.

Each of our clients – a unique person , and we first tried as far as possible to understand and to know what he breathes and lives to interior design transformed the room into a solid , thoughtful , interesting corner of the planet , where it will be easy and comfortable , where he can feel truly at home.