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106 m2

The interior of this apartment was created by us for a person who loves elegance and discreet luxury. He works a lot, so at home he prefers to switch as much as possible to the warmth and comfort of a home evening. All shades of gray-blue color palette are very close and pleasant to the customer.

The main accent element in this interior, we proposed a luxurious handmade soft carpet with a pattern of a cut stone of heavenly agate.

This symbol was not chosen by us for the project by chance. Harmony, energy softness, extraordinary warmth, but at the same time, security and confidence. It is these features that this stone mascot of its owner and the space surrounding it endows

A cozy evening atmosphere was complemented by a spectacular fireplace, which is made of glass and stone and organically fit into the kitchen area. He wraps in his warmth, fascinates with flicker and incredibly relaxes, switching as much as possible from problems and work issues.

Conveniently located dining area. Comfortable Frigerio chairs, an optimal-sized Tonin table, as well as dishes of soft blue shades harmoniously complement the living room interior and allow you to enjoy the beautiful views of the apartments. The entire interior of the apartment is complemented by elements of dark glass, natural veneer, elegant pieces of furniture and accessories.

The complexity of working with this project was in the initial not convenient layout, which was very sandwiched by narrow aisles, bearing columns, transit communications and small rooms.

Therefore, another of our solutions was the use of glass partitions, mirrors, as well as compact design solutions in the layout and furniture in the interior. Practical, functional and very effective, the wardrobe is made in dark glass, which adjoins the bedroom and visually increases its volume.