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120 м2

Historical building without right angles, arched windows, high 4-meter ceilings, beautiful views, the center of Budapest. It was here that our customer wanted to create a unique space for himself. According to the specifics of his work, he travels a lot. For several years he lived in America. He regularly stops at the best design hotels in the cities of the world. Our customer appreciates restrained elegance, art, so that furniture and interior elements subtly emphasize taste. For him, details, tactile sensations, furniture ergonomics are of great importance.
To get a deeper taste of the customer, we paid special attention to communication with him. Based on the analysis done, we decided that it is the models of furniture, lamps and decor from brands such as Fendi, Smania, Luxxu, Brabbu, Koket, Brokis, Tom Dixon, Roberto Cavalli to help us create the necessary comfort in the interior.

Another task that the customer has set for us is to maximize the volume of the bedroom and living room, since the rooms were initially very small for comfortable living. Bold, but at the same time refined, it was our decision to connect the bedroom with the living room with a glass openwork wall. This gave more space in both the living room and the bedroom. At the same time, only the necessary elements of the bedroom are viewed from the room, while maintaining its privacy. The ratio of matte and mirror elements is balanced. This allows soft penetration of both day and night lighting. Very organically openwork wall combined with the chandelier brand Luxxu. On the one hand, it emphasizes the shape of the round décor and furniture, but at the same time, its rectangular plates along with the chandelier give an interesting contrast to the other elements.

The interior is saturated with reflective surfaces, planes. This has the effect of not being able to estimate its limits. The depth of the interior from different points is visually perceived each time in a new way, playing with volumes and shapes. Thanks to this, the room breathes with light.

The interior of the apartment turned out to be functional, hospitably inviting to enter. It is intuitive, discreetly refined and convenient in the details. Its color shades give a special charm to the space with its elegance, enchanting and soothing with its muffling, inspiring with ripe autumn warmth.