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50 m2

The uniqueness of this apartment is in the beautiful panorama of the city and airport from the windows of the 25th floor.

At the beginning of work on the project, the customer was assigned 2 main tasks:

1. To underline the specific qualities of the object as much as possible;

2. The apartment is planned for renting, so the interior design should be in the budget and practical category, but despite the small area, include everything you need for a full stay of 1-2 people.

In this regard, the layout of the apartment we thought out so that the owner from all residential areas can enjoy the height and enchanting views. Especially impressive is the view of the airport at sunset, when the dark blue sky, covered with red spots of the setting sun, there are golden trails of planes flying up. We have tried to preserve and emphasize this theme in the interior. The shades of the sky-blue in the decoration, interspersed with red elements of lamps and textiles, as well as golden stripes on the walls. Sitting on a soft sofa in the living room, or relaxing in the bedroom, or, dining at a comfortable table, every minute you can enjoy the beautiful view from the windows.

In a small area, we managed to design complete areas: a kitchen, a dining room, a work area, a bedroom, a living room, a comfortable bathroom and several spacious wardrobe areas. Optimally priced materials were used in the interior decoration, as well as practical furniture with high wear resistance.

The columns, located in the center of the apartment, were originally a weak point in the planning. But, thanks to the correct zoning by DASH Design Studio, they succinctly fit into the new layout of the object. In addition, finishing them with tinted glass gave the interior an additional charm and enhanced the apartment's specific qualities due to the reflections in them of the panorama of the city.