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50 m2

Interior design project of Beaty Bar from our studio. What do you want after a long day at work?) Relax as much as possible, warm up with sincere conversations. At the entrance, the client is greeted by the administrator and prepares aromatic coffee on the sand with his own hand, inviting the guest to plunge into the atmosphere of relaxation, trust and tactile sensations even already in the waiting area.

Massive, but at the same time, gracefully falling greenery from the ceiling casts delicate shadows and creates an atmosphere of comfort. Eco-friendly materials in decoration, natural stone, veneered furniture, wooden decorative candles, background music harmoniously complement the effect of cosmetology and massage procedures, helping the client to switch from worries as much as possible.

Just as in restaurants they create open kitchen to show the high level in cooking, we’ve suggested a functional shelving as the main element of the facade)) Inside the massage room it has closed doors to keep the procedure intimate. At the same time, from the street, the filling of its shelves is fully visible, thus demonstrating the quality of the cosmetics used, cleanliness, freshness of towels, and neatness. It is in such a beauty bar that you want to use professional services without worrying about their quality.