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Ivankovichi village




400 sq. m.

Development and implementation the project "Four Seasons" took two years. This modern big house with a total area of 400 sq. m. is located in the Ivankovichi village. Four Seasons has unique architecture and modern design solutions by DASH Design Studio. Panoramic windows make it possible to be part of the natural landscape that includes a lake placed next to the house. The structures in the house are very comfortable and create the effect of lightness and comfort.

Looking into the mansion from the outside, we always want to understand what it's inside. The spaciousness of the rooms and other premises of the house, the windows on the floor, and the elegant minimalist stylistics of the interior decoration don't overload the space but allow the owners to enjoy the pastime in the house and to be on the one wave with nature. A well-equipped recreation area by the lake is included a fireplace, a barbecue, a summer pool with a sauna also it creates a single system where everything is elaborated so that the owners' holiday is really comfortable.

The house looks practical, ergonomic and has a lot of functional spaces:

The ground floor (total 100 sq.m.) consists of a relaxation area with a sauna, a cozy outdoor terrace with a sauna, an outdoor pool, also utility rooms.
The first floor (total 150 sq. m.) Includes a large living room with a fireplace, a dining room, a kitchen, a guest bathroom, a kitchen storage room and a heating room.
The second level of the house (150 sq. M.) consists of two bedrooms, a room for a teenage boy with a bathroom, a cabinet and dressing room.