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600 m2

The house is designed on a plot that is located on a hill with a beautiful view. Therefore, we orientated all living quarters as much as possible, taking into account the specific features of the landscape. The architecture of the house emphasizes its main zoning. On the front, it is divided into two heights: the living area and the spa area. Also, its architecture has a curvature in plan, which helped create a closed inner courtyard, not accessible to the eyes of neighbors.

In the central front part of the building there is a covered terrace with a soft sofa area. There is also a barbecue area. It has a movable kitchen unit.

Nearby, we have designed a swimming pool with a sliding system, made in a deck board, which closes it for the winter.

It is possible to carry the dining table to the podium near the pool under the open sky.

Further on the plot is a sofa lounge area with an open fire. In the evening, it is incredibly pleasant to relax here, enjoying the aromas of flowers, greenery, starry skies and the quiet crackling of fire. Street lamps add extra comfort. They softly highlight this area, as well as other areas of the site.

A closed private courtyard for relaxation and meditation has been designed in the house, which can be accessed exclusively from the master's bedroom and study. It is surrounded by greenery and has a beautiful mini pond.